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The Effects of Cocaine on Your Body

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“Cocaine effects on the brain”

You can smoke, inject, or snort cocaine. These three forms of illicit drug use can have fatal consequences for the brain and body. Cocaine has stimulant properties. The body produces less dopamine when cocaine is consumed. Dopamine controls the body’s motion and enjoyment. On https://healingpicks.com/does-cocaine-expire/ you can learn more.

There are other effects of cocaine

In the short term, illicit drug effects can include an increase of blood pressure and body temperature. Someone high on drugs also has constricted blood vessel and dilated pupil.

Unlicit drugs users will feel mentally more alert than they normally would. Those who use this drug repeatedly may develop seizures, heart irregularities, or chest pain.

Deaths caused by illicit drugs use include:

* Respiratory Failure
* A heart attack
* Stroke

A person can experience restlessness and anxiety in addition to the deadly effects and other side-effects of cocaine. More serious cases include paranoid psychosis and auditory, visual, or muscular spasms.

Combining Alcohol and Cocaine

Cocaine is highly addictive. The most addictive substance on the illicit drug market is crack cocaine. Combining crack with alcohol produces a unique high. The combination of alcohol and crack cocaine is unfortunately the number one cause of death in cocaine users.

Cocaine Crash

The high that follows cocaine use should disappear within thirty minutes. Users will feel a crash after their cocaine high is gone. Users often feel irritability or anxiety after the crash.

Cocaine Use: Risks

The use of cocaine is not without risk. But the risk of using cocaine is dependent on the method used to take it. Snorting cocaine, for example, can damage the membrane that lines the nose. Snorting Cocaine can lead to repeated irritation. Snorting cocaine may cause chronic nasal bleeding and nosebleeds. These users may have difficulty swallowing the cocaine after they use it regularly. Snorting cocaine is known to cause loss of scent.